Professor Simon Shorvon

Professor in Clinical Neurology & Consultant Neurologist

Professor Simon Shorvon - Singapore

This statement is put on my website in response to articles posted on the web many of which have substantial inaccuracies and omissions. There is a level of disinformation which is simply not reasonable, and I post this brief statement to correct the public record.

The articles concern events surrounding a genetic research project initiated in Singapore in 2001. I was awarded a grant for this project whilst on secondment from my base University in London (UCL), as Director of the National Neuroscience Institute in Singapore. My then deputy in Singapore, Dr Lee Wei Ling, accused me of unethical conduct in relation to this project. This precipitated inquiries in Singapore and a media blitz. Dr Lee is an influential person, the sister of the Singaporean Prime Minister and daughter of the then Senior Minister, Lee Kuan Yew. She took over the Directorship of the National Neuroscience Institute from me on my leaving.

I cannot express personal and political reasons underpinning the complaint due to the operation of the libel laws in Singapore. However, in my view the allegations were utterly unjustified. My case was investigated by the UK General Medical Council, my regulatory authority, who dismissed the allegations of unethical conduct completely. This decision was challenged by the Singaporean authorities in a Judicial Review and their appeal was also comprehensively dismissed. It is gratifying to be totally exonerated by two senior and independent statutory public bodies.

In these proceedings, reports were written by 6 world-leading research authorities, including Prof Sir Richard Doll who found no evidence of any professional or research misconduct and concluded: ‘I cannot see any grounds on which Professor Shorvon can be accused of unethical behaviour'.

I am grateful for the support of many friends, around the world, during these events. I am also grateful to my employers, University College London (UCL) who supported me fully and endorsed my position and appointed me Clinical Sub Dean in 2004 in addition to my existing post as Professor in Neurology. Also, I would like to thank my professional organisation, the International League Against Epilepsy (ILAE), for their support and endorsement. The ILAE appointed me as Editor of their scientific Journal Epilepsia in 2006, and the ILAE European chapters awarded me the European Prize in Epileptology in 2008, the American chapter the Lennox Prize in 2010 and the British chapter the Excellence in Epilepsy Prize in 2016.