Medico-Legal Work

Medico-Legal Work

Simon Shorvon’s medico-legal practice is in neurology involving especially epilepsy, head trauma and a range of other central nervous system disorders.

He has given written advice and evidence, as an expert witness, on aspects such as: diagnosis, complications, drug treatment, surgical treatment, prognosis, prospective risks, standards of clinical practice and regulatory aspects. He has been instructed by solicitors for the defendant and claimant in about equal measure.

He has assisted in personal injury and clinical negligence cases, and also cases revolving around regulatory aspects and patents. He has attended magistrates courts, crown courts and the high court and has given written evidence to the family courts and attended tribunals of various types and the coroners court.

He understands fully his overriding duty to the court, but also feels a responsibility to provide instructing solicitors and clients (and their funders) helpful and measured advice. He has a working knowledge of the law in various areas, which can be helpful in framing opinions.

The attractions of conducting medico-legal work in his view are: the satisfaction of assisting in the delivery of appropriate justice and fairness; the opportunity of carrying out a truly forensic examination of facts and behaviour (a luxury which clinical practice seldom permits); the satisfaction of weighing facts on an intellectual and also practical level; the challenge of assessing individual responsibilities within the context of hospital and community medical facilities and systems.