Professor Simon Shorvon

Professor in Clinical Neurology & Consultant Neurologist

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Treatment of Epilepsy (3rd Edition)

Simon Shorvon, Emilio Perucca, Jerome Engel (Editors)
Wiley-Blackwell, Oxford (2009). | ISBN 978-1-4051-8383-3 | pp 1200

This is a textbook of epilepsy treatment, in its third edition and considered a standard reference work worldwide. Its primary objective is to provide a systematic review of the whole field of contemporary therapy in epilepsy. The emphasis is, as before, on a text that provides practical information, useful for the clinician but which is comprehensive, accurate and concisely given. The basic purpose of the book to guide clinical practice and rational therapy, and to be a source of reference for clinicians at every level.

The book has a new editor and has increased in size from 63 in the first edition, to 74 in the second and to 85 in this edition. There are 26 completely new chapters, as well as extensive updating of the others. There are 90 new authors, joining the 53 who contributed to both this and the previous edition. The new chapters reflect the significant changes which have been made to the principles of, and approaches to, epilepsy therapy, the introduction of new drugs and the development of new surgical techniques.

The three editors are, or have been, long-standing members of the ILAE executive and almost all of the lead authors of the chapters of our book are involved deeply in the league. Indeed, contributors to the book are from 17 countries in all five continents, reflecting the global reach.

In the historical introduction to this edition, the historical survey of drug therapy in epilepsy is continued, bringing this up to the year 1989. In the previous two editions, the survey covered the years 1857– 1938 and then 1938–1955. Here, the story is advanced by 35 important years to 1989, and is written from the particular perspective of the ILAE.

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