Professor Simon Shorvon

Professor in Clinical Neurology & Consultant Neurologist

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International League Against Epilepsy 1909-2009: A Centenary History

Simon Shorvon, Giselle Weiss, Giuliano Avanzini, Jerome Engel, Harry Meinardi, Solomon Moshe, Edward Reynolds, Peter Wolf.
Wiley-Blackwell, 2009. | pp. 338. | ISBN 9781405 1895520

The International League Against Epilepsy (the ILAE) was founded on August 30th 1909, and is one of the oldest international subspecialist organisations in medicine. This book is published to mark its centenary, with the aims of documenting its course over its first 100 years, of interpreting its activities within their historical context, and of assembling source material.

The book is the result of a large amount of original research from published and unpublished written material and from the verbal recollections and experiences of individuals within the organisation. The text attempts to provide a scholarly, lively and instructive history, which is the definitive account of an organisation whose goal throughout its 100 year history has been to work towards the alleviation of the suffering caused by epilepsy around the world.

The authors of this book have held various positions on the ILAE executive. Giuliano Avanzini and Jerome Engel have each served both as Treasurer and President of the ILAE; Harry Meinardi was previously ILAE Secretary-General and President; Solomon Moshé is currently Secretary-General and President-elect of the ILAE; Edward Reynolds was a previous ILAE President; Peter Wolf is currently President and has been Secretary General of the ILAE; Simon Shorvon serves currently as co-Editor-in-Chief of Epilepsia and was previously ILAE Information Officer and Vice- President. Giselle Weis is the Centenary Archivist of the League.

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