Professor Simon Shorvon

Professor in Clinical Neurology & Consultant Neurologist

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The Causes of Epilepsy. Common and Uncommon Causes in Adults and Children

Edited by: Simon D. Shorvon, Frederick Andermann, Renzo Guerrini

Cambridge University Press, Cambridge.

ISBN 978-1-4051-8383-3

pp 790

Causation is an aspect of epilepsy neglected in the scientific literature and in the conceptualization of epilepsy at a clinical and experimental level. It was to remedy this deficiency that this book was conceived. The book opens with a draft etiological classification that goes some way to filling the nosological void. The book is divided into three etiological categories: idiopathic, symptomatic, and provoked epilepsies. Each chapter considers topics in a consistent fashion, dealing with the phenomenon of epilepsy in each etiology, including its epidemiology, clinical features and prognosis, and any specific aspects of treatment. The book is a comprehensive reference work, a catalogue of all important causes of epilepsy, and a clinical tool for all clinicians dealing with patients who have epilepsy. It is aimed at epileptologists and neurologists and provides a distillation of knowledge in a form that is helpful in the clinical setting.

The authorship is drawn from leading international authorities in the field providing an authoritative resource. It provides extensive coverage of the causes of epilepsy in all age groups, both common and rare, in over 100 chapters, and extensive illustrations and tables.

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